A World Of Warcraft guild from the European realm Vek'nilash We have players from all around Europe, and we a small team of streamers and video makers, If you wish to apply scroll down!

What does Vow Of Styx Offer?

Nothing more than what you would want from a guild! We like to make sure all of our members are enjoying their time in our guild and making sure they actually see content!

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What are we recruiting?

Currently, we are focused on recruiting Damage classes, but our raiding team isn't full yet! so drop an application!

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The Stream Team

A Few members of our guild stream World of warcraft on Twitch.tv, if you've never streamed and or would like to stream im sure someone from our streaming team can help you out!

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Twitch.tv/LightNovel is home to our 21 year old Guild leader and main tank "Durby" he mains a Protection Paladin, you may view his armory here! He plays games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the storm also.

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Callum also known as Durby spends most of his time managing the guild and cutting down tree's in Nagrand, but when hes not busy cutting down tree or leading a raid you can probably find him pugging with some groups in normal's or helping guildies gear up!


Twitch.tv/UpLiftMilk is where one our main healers streams. He goes by the name "UpLiftMe" and also roles as a hunter now and then.

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